Monday, 29 October 2012

Wild Ones Designer Markets Oct.12

Loved the Hazelhurst Art Gallery yesterday - sales were slow but the atmosphere in the Market and the surrounding grounds was great.

A huge festival was going on in the surrounding streets so there was a constant flow of people looking at all the designer wares all day and there was heaps to see -so many gorgeous products to see - paper, textiles, some fabulous jewellery (liked Silvermonk's style!) and some
stunning ceramics (besides my own of course!)

Be back there again 24th Feb. 2013
.....looking forward to it, have some new products to introduce.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Port Hacking Potters competition photos

The Port Hacking Potters have uploaded all their photos of the winners of the Port hacking Potters 47th National Competion 2012  on their very pleased as it was my very first competition and my entry is the winner of Category 4 'Paperclay' ....and it still makes me smile!!!!   Am hoping to get to Cronulla in December and join my new 'favourite' group as a member.  

I have not been part of a ceramics group for a while and I liked the discussions and education that being around other potters can bring. 

The photo below shows my son and I looking at one of the winning entries. 

The link below goes through to the PHP blogsite for all the photos and group information.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Samples for upcoming Markets

 Putting together the treasures I'm hoping to take along to the designer market stalls I have applied for over the next couple of months.

Have a stall space with TACA at Everleigh Artisans Market for 4th Nov. selling predominantly ceramic objects, though am sure the rings will be fun as well.

Have also put in applications with the new Wild Ones Markets at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery at Gymea for 28th Oct. and the Powerhouse Museum's Young Bloods Designer Markets for 7-9th Nov.

Don't have enough stock yet to successfully do all 3 but am not sure I'll be accpted to all 3 anyway. There is a selection process and applying doesn't mean automatic acceptance.

Have also just applied for a local makers market on 25th the lawn bowls club in my street. Why? To sell off any remaining stock for Christmas and also to sell some of the more 'affordable' work I have at a different market to a different audience than the others.

Some of the earthenware bowls are good but don't fit in with the upmarket audience I'm looking at with the other venues and I also have quite a bit of the non-precious jewellery I was making before that could go to a new home.

Am in bit of a panic of course...the usual artist anxiety before an 'event' but will be good. Looking forward to them.