Thursday, 30 January 2014

'Illusion' - inaugral exhibition at Inner City Clayworkers Gallery, Feb.2014

Bone china, wood, metal, gritty stoneware clays....

Mixed media ceramics are the perfect vehicle to express conceptual concerns of dynamic interaction, unity within opposition, stillness, strength and weakness, timelessness, decay and the light and dark dichotomies in our relationships to the world and each other.

'Illusion' begins my journey into these eternal concepts.  I look forward to exploring these concepts further as I continue in my ceramics career.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Poatina Arts week 2014

 Very excited to have been at Poatina Arts this year teaching painting and drawing to 8 great people in a FANTASTIC environment!

The FB link below will open a photo album of mixed media painting and drawing, the ceramics raku firing community project and huge paella dinner, the 'action drawing' performance event and the sensational scenery and venue we had the priveledge to enjoy for the week........

Ah, so tired but so very happy to be part of it!!