Monday, 29 September 2014

Winner - Category 4 'Paperclay' Port Hacing Potters 48th National Competition 2014

Can my last busy month get any better?....oh yes, it can! 

Was extremely happy to win the Paperclay category at this year's Port Hacking Potters 48th National Competition with an entry of my signature works 'Handmade Paper' Porcelain. 
 This method of getting the paperclay translucent thin and with a handmade paper texture took took 6 years to develop and refine and to see these simple works acknowledged again at this competition makes me very happy, thank you Port Hacking.

.........and it's ALWAYS better when your family is cheering you on...xx

'Handmade Paper' Porcelain now at Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery

If I don't already LOVE Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery at Gymea for my ongoing great experience with their truely lovely Wild Ones Art & Design Markets then I REALLY LOVE THEM NOW!! 

Hazelhurst has just installed a selection of my signature works, 'Handmade Paper' Porcelain in their gallery shop and....yes, I AM excited! 

 Have wanted to be part of this gallery for a while and am very happy to now be in the glass cabinets in their beautiful foyer space. Thanks Fiona.

Sydney Sketch Club @ Sydney Teapot Show 2014

Mid August saw the wonderful Meet Up group Sydney Sketch Club come into Inner City Clayworkers Gallery on my work day during the Sydney Teapot Show.....everyone was great, the drawings were fantastic!!!....
.....and my renewed interest in drawing saw my contribution being the last drawing of co-op colleagues works- Tania's teapot and Ursula's soy dish. Hope they come to visit us again!

All the photos are best seen on the FB page link below:
Sketch Club photos

3D ceramic 'paintings'?? Oh yes!

Have started entering 3D 'paintings' (aka wall art) into art competitions in the last 3 months and have had pretty positive reactions and sales. People seem intrigued by the idea of a 'still life painting' being the actual still life itself! Have had fun with these and keen to see how far I can take them from here. 
These 3 were entered in the Randwick Art Society's 'Selected Works' Show at Bondi Pavilion 12-24 Aug, 2014. They were very popular as a talking point for both viewers and other artists which was very exciting!....I look forward to my first sale of these.



Wild Ones Art & Design Market- 24 Aug 2014

Yay!!!!....its Wild Ones Market Day again!
This is my favourite market......stylish, friendly, very community minded and in beautiful surroundings........a treat for market goers and market stall holders too!!
.....psssst...they're my ceramics in the photo, so excited!!!!

Open Studios weekend 16/17 Aug. 2014

A cold, wet, washed out 2 days in Sydney for the Open Studios weekend but we still had some enthusiastic visitors trying out the kickwheel for the first time and.......guessing if they could fit in our gas kiln!!!!!.....a brave and adventurous little girl and some very happy faces!

Had several enquiries for pottery classes this weekend 

after the kickwheel experiences 
so providing these is my next goal!

'Hare' series linocuts on paperclay

People who came to the 'Illusions' exhibition at Inner City Clayworkers in March would have seen linocut hares printed onto my very fine bonechina paperclay sheets.

These linocuts are from Netherlands printmaker and mixed media artist Ilse Versluijs who spent 3 months last August as a resident of the Armory Art Studios in Sydney Olympic Park where I have my studio space.

Ilse has a wonderfully energetic and spontaneous lino cutting style and allowed me to experiment with the 'Hare' series of linos I fell in love with. I have a large, prized lino of vines Ilse has loaned me waiting to be made into an illuminated lamp series....much experimentation needed but results to be posted asap.

Ilse's work can be found at: