Sunday, 23 September 2012

Port Hacking Potters 47th Competition 2012

Have been anxious about it for a couple of weeks now....the idea of entering a piece into an arts competition and finding out how people, and judges!, would respond to something that is 100% my own inspiration

So, last Thursday 20th, jumped in and entered one of my ceramic pieces in the Port Hacking Potters 47th National  Pottery Competition and OMG!!! I won my category!  
I was quite shocked for a few minutes there.

I entered one of my really fine porcelain/fibreglass/paperclay small 'object' pieces and the judge Greg Daly (yes, he of the very lush glazed and gold/silver foil bowls) said some lovely things while handing me a $250 materials voucher and shaking my hand.
How wonderful is that! 

Very surprised, very delighted, bit spaced out.....really does show how the unexpected can happen if we just take a chance!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Success with Markets but slow on my own!

 Well, the first Glebe Makers Market on 2 Sept. 2012 which I collaborated as my not-for-profit organisation, Starving Artists Inc. with Glebe Community Garden and GAPP went off very well.

The turn out was great, the treasures for sale were varied and lovely and the weather was stunning, what more could you ask?....some of my own sales, that's what.  What a slow day I had!

People stopped to look and I had great feedback about the porcelain jewellery I put out for sale - it's quite light and based on musical instraments. The shapes are made of porcelain with blue decal transfers on them of flowers or those wonderfully mad-eyed owls and, for the community nature of this Market I kept the price down by swapping sterling silver chain for waxed cotton with non-precious metal findings.

The photo above shows my son Dane holding the stall for me while I wandered around taking photos.   The hat?? The cow hat is the mascot 'head' for one of my community projects called COWBelles Community Craft for all those Creative Older Women out there who have such wonderful skills to share and the hat makes Dane part of it, though he doesn't seem all that certain of it in the photo!.

My other community arts project called P-plate Project 4 people, pets & plants also had a stall devoted to a pot plant fundraising collaboration to raise money for the project to run well. All the glorious little slip-cast, hand -painted pots sold out!! A whole nw batch will be ready for the Christmas market in December.

Also in my own work I'm getting ready for the Everleigh Markets stall that I'll have in November and I have heaps to do to get ready for it...not the least is to make more porcelain/silver jewellery in musical shapes! Looking forward to it - hope the weather co-operates with warm sunshine again.!