Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Studio nearly ready!

Kilns are finally in place and the materials and equipment are slowly coming in - goodness!! - it's taken a long time just to get this far.......didn't realise setting up the studio space could be so tricky.
Lots to think about......electricity, chemicals, workflows, storage, transport and a whole lot of other considerations.....but I am SO excited!! I have waited 7 years for my own studio space so I am very, very happy to be nearly there in the set up.

Have started off with a bit of ceramic jewellery to get myself used to working in the space and have started the research and drafts for the project i want to explore - the fusion between my Greek ancestry, my white Australian lifestyle and the rich cultural commonalities Indigenous Australia has with my heritage.

Couple more hiccups to attend to then the 'real' work can begin. So looking forward to it!!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Why use clay as an art medium to convey conceptual ideas?

Is there anything more sensuous, cool and maleable to the touch than clay? As an art medium, clay allows a wonderful scope of experimentation in intricate surface quality, textures and design possiibilities. Whether in form, surface or variation of treatment the exploration of ideas and approaches can be continually re-examined without any loss of anticipation in each new piece. 
That same energy of excitement crosses boundaries into photography, jewellery, drawing, mixed media and object design where materials, techniques and processes fuse into works of eclectic arrangement and intrigue.
My excitement and appreciation of clay based art mediums and the joy that creativity can manifest never wanes but grows consistently with every new idea.